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Book Review: Make Your Kid a Money Genius

girl holding a copy of the book Make Your Kid a Money Genius over her face

Which is easier, talking to your kids about the birds and the bees or about banks and borrowing? If you’re squeamish about money topics, or love talking about money but want a comprehensive guide to make sure you’re being thorough, then the book in this review might be just what …

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Our Review of “Teach Your Kids to Code”

Partial cover image of Teach Your Kids to Code

Teach Your Kids to Code, by Dr. Bryson Payne, is an excellent introduction to Python. The author provides thorough explanations and successfully weaves together examples and narrative so that you’re immediately applying the skills you learn through the text. Overall, Teach Your Kids to Code is a fantastic choice for …

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Critical Thinking Made Easy with The Fallacy Detective

The Fallacy Detective, book standing up with the cover facing out

The Fallacy Detective is a humorous way to teach a difficult topic: logical errors of reasoning and persuasion. Kids will appreciate the relevant cartoons, silly stories, and ridiculous examples of fallacious arguments. Teachers and parents will love that kids are eager to begin practicing clear, logical thinking and will enjoy …

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